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Richard John Hall was born in the United Kingdom where he completed his primary school education. In 1947 he relocated to Australia with his Australian  mother and completed his secondary education in Perth.  In 1952 he joined the Australian Regular Army and graduated from the Officer Cadet School the following year. During the next 30 years he served with a British Cavalry Regiment (15/19 KRH) in Malaya and with the Australian Forces in Vietnam. For service in Vietnam he was Mentioned in Dispatches (mid) and awarded the Distinguished Service Medal (DSM).  He attended what is now called the Us Army Logistics University where he graduated with  a Logistics Executive Development Diploma followed by a two year term on the teaching faculty. He  retired as a Lieutenant Colonel 

He read Classics and Asian Studies at the Australian National University  and  was Tour Leader for a number of Tourist groups in Turkey and Greece. Throughout his travel in Asia, Europe and the UK he recorded his impressions in pen and ink sketches and, when time permitted, in water colours.

In a second career, Richard taught Ancient History at a boys’ Public School in Canberra where he is still remembered for his lightening black board sketches and dramatic presentations of history.  His son Justin, and his wife Elspeth Grace, who live in the United Kingdom, has followed in a similar tradition.  Both are well know for their historical interpretation presentations to  much wider audiences. Recently Richard had the pleasure of providing illustrations for Elspeth’s trilogy of books of the environmentally and socially aware “Puss Puss.

In 2009 Richard was invested as a Knight of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta.

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